She Said Destroy
She Said Destroy
She Said Destroy
She Said Destroy

She Said Destroy

The Complete Series

Joe Corallo (Writer), Liana Kangas (Artist, Cover Artist), Rebecca Nalty (Colorist), Melanie Ujimori (Letterer)

A war between sisters, waged over eons, comes to a close.

The Morrigan, Goddess of Death, is the last thing standing between her sister Brigid and total domination of the solar system. As their forces prepare for a final battle, the Morrigan must destroy everything to save anything.

Over millenniums, Brigid, Goddess of the Sun, has conquered and converted the entire solar system into worshipping her and her alone, save one space colony. The witches of Fey are the last believers of The Morrigan, Goddess of Death, Brigid's sister and the only other God left. As Brigid's forces prepare for one final battle, The Morrigan prepares to do what she does best: Destroy!

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