Queen of Bad Dreams
Queen of Bad Dreams
Queen of Bad Dreams
Queen of Bad Dreams

Queen of Bad Dreams

The Complete Series

Danny Lore (Writer), Jordi Pérez (Artist, Cover Artist), Dearbhla Kelly (Colorist), Kim McLean (Letterer)

What happens when a dream escapes?

Sometimes dreams—called figments—escape the dreamer's mind. And it's Daher's job to track them down. When she finds herself caught up in the dreams of a politically powerful family, Daher discovers secrets about the origins of figments.

When a dream entity known as a figment emerges from a dreamer’s mind, it’s Daher’s job as an I.J. to track them down and make the call: reinsert the figment, or grant them agency in our world. After an especially powerful figment escapes the dreams of an even more powerful politician’s son, Daher is pulled headlong into an investigation that traces all the way back to the incident that sent dreams, even nightmares, spilling into our reality.

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