Sera and the Royal Stars
Sera and the Royal Stars
Sera and the Royal Stars
Sera and the Royal Stars

Sera and the Royal Stars Vol.1

Jon Tsuei (Writer), Audrey Mok (Artist, Cover Artist), Raul Angulo (Colorist), Jim Campbell (Letterer)

Rebuild the night sky.

In the Empire of Parsa, the seasons refuse to turn. Drought, famine, and war are tearing the country apart. When Princess Sera is visited by a goddess, she sets out to restore the Royal Stars—fallen to earth—to save her people from doom.

Civil war rages in the Empire of Parsa, and famine has struck. As the seasons refuse to turn, Princess Sera receives a vision from the deity Mitra telling her to find the Royal Stars and restore them to the heavens. Despite her kingdom and her troops’ need of her command, Sera embarks on a quest to find the fallen stars—now trapped on earth—and save her people from dearth and death.

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Sera and the Royal Stars
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Sera and the Royal Stars Vol.2

Jon Tsuei (Writer) Audrey Mok (Artist, Cover Artist) Raul Angulo (Colorist) Jim Campbell (Letterer)

The power of the Royal Stars is fading. But there is a brighter light that shines within Sera. Once unleased, it will leave her and everyone around her forever changed. Sera must find the courage to accept her power and her fate.

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