Vagrant Queen
Vagrant Queen
Vagrant Queen
Vagrant Queen

Vagrant Queen Vol.2

A Planet Called Doom

Magdalene Visaggio (Writer), Jason Smith (Artist, Cover Artist), Harry Saxon (Colorist), Zakk Saam (Letterer)

They took her kingdom. She told them to keep it.

Child-queen-turned-space-smuggler Elida Al Feyr has finally built something resembling a happy life. Then a mysterious stranger in an ancient white ship shows up to smash it all to bits. Meanwhile, Isaac is still stuck out there in space.

Everyone’s favorite deposed-child-queen-turned-marauder, Elida Al-feyr is back! And she’s finally managed to build a happy life...until a mysterious man in an ancient white ship shows up and takes it all away. And yes, the lone canuck in space is still out there, somewhere.

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Vagrant Queen
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Vagrant Queen Vol.1

Magdalene Visaggio (Writer) Jason Smith (Artist, Cover Artist) Harry Saxon (Colorist) Zakk Saam (Letterer)

Eldaya was a child queen until an absurd revolution overthrew her dynasty. Now Elida is a smuggler, evading the farcical republic that wants her dead. When a frenemy claims to know where to find her long lost mother, Elida stages a rescue.

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