Alien Bounty Hunter
Alien Bounty Hunter
Alien Bounty Hunter
Alien Bounty Hunter

Alien Bounty Hunter

The Complete Series

Adrian Wassel (Writer), David M. Booher (Writer), Nick Robles (Artist, Colorist, Cover Artist), Deron Bennett (Letterer)

The galxy's worst. Earth's best—sort of.

Ben Madsen is a bounty hunter. No, he's not ashamed to admit it. He likes his job. Mostly. When a big payday turns out to be stranger than he could have imagined, Madsen is swept up into an otherworldly conspiracy right here on Earth.

Ben Madsen is a bounty hunter. Yeah…he knows how that sounds. But Ben likes his job—until the bondsman convinces him to take a bounty he doesn’t want, to get the kind of paycheck he needs. When the big payday turns out to be more than Ben bargained for, he’s swept into an otherworldly conspiracy and dropped into alien city hidden right here on Earth. Good thing he’s the best man for the job—sort of. Hero or fall guy, Ben Madsen will prove one thing during his misadventures: He’s really good at jumping from high places and surviving.

From Stephen Levinson and executive producer Mark Wahlberg comes a sci-fi adventure full of humor, heart, and you guessed it…aliens: ALIEN BOUNTY HUNTER.

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