Songs for the Dead
Songs for the Dead
Songs for the Dead
Songs for the Dead

Songs for the Dead Vol.2

The Necromancer's Map

Michael Christopher Heron (Writer), Andrea Fort (Writer), Sam Beck (Artist, Cover Artist), Andworld Design (Letterer)

Friends. Magic. Swords. Deaths. And life. (Again).

A standalone Songs for the Dead Story: Bethany — the necromancer with a heart of gold — and Elissar — her violent companion — are following a map that makes no sense, to a place that might not exist, with the help of a wizard who might be cursed.

Unfortunately, their map makes no sense. Seeking the help of a young wizard named Jonas, whose knowledge may unravel the map’s secrets, Bethany and Elissar discover a mysterious illness plaguing The Foggard temple, home to the ancient order of mages. Double-unfortunately, Bethany and Elissar are not on the best of terms after the recent and violent encounter at Boulder’s Envy.

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Songs for the Dead
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Songs for the Dead Vol.1

Michael Christopher Heron (Writer) Andrea Fort (Writer) Sam Beck (Artist, Colorist, Cover Artist) Andworld Design (Letterer)

Bethany is a minstrel, a wanderer, and a would-be hero seeking adventure. She's also a reviled necromancer, hated and hunted by all. To prove her magic isn't evil, Bethany needs help from a murderous mercenary, in other words, a friend.

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