No One's Rose
No One's Rose
No One's Rose
No One's Rose

No One's Rose

The Complete Series

Emily Horn (Writer), Zac Thompson (Writer), Alberto Jimenez-Alburquerque (Artist), Raul Angulo (Colorist), Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou (Letterer)

They grew a perfect city at the end of the world, but the roots are rotten.

Centuries after the fall of civilization, the remnants of humanity survive in dying bio-city, known as the Green Zone. Teenager Tenn Gavrilo could rebuild the city, maybe even the world. But her resentful brother Seren aims to destroy it.

Centuries after the fall of the Anthropocene, the last vestiges of human civilization are housed in a massive domed city powered by renewable energy, known as The Green Zone. Inside lives teenager Tenn Gavrilo, a brilliant bio-engineer who could rebuild the planet. But there’s one problem: her resentful brother Seren is eager to dismantle the precarious Utopia.

From the minds of Zac Thompson (X-Men, Yondu) and debut writer Emily Horn with artist Alberto Jimenez Alburquerque (Letter 44, Avengers ) comes a gorgeous and green solar-punk world filled with strange biotechnology, harsh superstorms, and divisive ideologies--ideologies that will tear Tenn and Seren down to their roots as they fight for a better Earth.

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