I Walk With Monsters
I Walk With Monsters
I Walk With Monsters
I Walk With Monsters

I Walk With Monsters

The Complete Series

Paul Cornell (Writer), Sally Cantirino (Artist, Cover Artist), Dearbhla Kelly (Colorist), Andworld Design (Letterer)

Monsters walk beside us all, and sometimes lurk within.

In her past, the Important Man took away Jacey's brother. Now Jacey has David, who is sometimes a monster. Together, they hunt those who prey on the vulnerable. But the Important Man is still out there.

In Jacey’s past is the Important Man who took away her brother. Now Jacey has David who sometimes transforms into a terrifying beast. Together, they’ve found a way to live—and to hunt, sniffing out men who prey on the vulnerable. But Jacey and David are about to run into the Important Man again.

From Paul Cornell (Wolverine, Doctor Who, Elementary) and Sally Cantirino (Final Girls) comes a haunting story about the monsters that walk beside us all and sometimes lurk within.

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