Hello, My Name Is Poop
Hello, My Name Is Poop
Hello, My Name Is Poop
Hello, My Name Is Poop

Hello, My Name Is Poop

Ben Katzner (Writer), Ian McGinty (Artist, Cover Artist), Fred Stresing (Colorist), Andworld Design (Letterer)

Sometimes being a kid really stinks.

Poop is a normal kid, with normal problems— you know, parents, homework, bullies. He used to have a normal name, too. But then he moved to a new school, and everything went down the toilet. That’s the bad news. The good news: Some names are special. Some names come with powers. Turns out those bullies really stepped in it.

SOMETIMES BEING A KID CAN REALLY STINK. Will Poupé becomes the new target of bullies at his middle school. All day long, they call him Poop. However, when Icky the Janitor reveals himself to be a wizard in disguise, Will learns that there are Names of Power – if you are given one of these names, you gain certain abilities. Poop is one of those names. He now has powers that he could use to get back at the bullies! But power – even poop power – is exactly what can turn someone into a bully. With some help from his friends, Will must find a way to use his fantastic farting magic for good.

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