Fearscape Vol.1

Ryan O'Sullivan (Writer), Andrea Mutti (Artist, Cover Artist), Vlad Popov (Colorist), Deron Bennett (Letterer)

Our greatest storyteller (is a liar)—our worst fears (are true.)

Guided by the Muse, unrivaled author Henry Henry must save us from the terrors of the Fearscape. To spite the Muse, shameless plagiarist Henry Henry will damn us to our worst fears. Where lies the truth? Join us, dear reader, if you dare.

The Fearscape is a world beyond our own, populated by manifestations of our worst fears. Once per generation, The Muse travels to Earth, discovers our greatest Storyteller, and takes them with her to the Fearscape to battle these fear-creatures on our behalf. All has been well for eons, until The Muse encounters Henry Henry—a plagiarist with delusions of literary grandeur. Mistaking him for our greatest Storyteller, she ushers him into the Fearscape. Doom follows.

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Fearscape Vol.2

Ryan O'Sullivan (Writer) Andrea Mutti (Artist, Cover Artist) Piotr Kowalski (Artist) Vlad Popov (Colorist) Andworld Design (Letterer)

Infinite sequels, dark creatures, endless possibilities, trapped in repetition. This is the story of how humanity escapes.

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