A Love Story About People and Their Parasites

Matthew Erman (Writer), Emily Pearson (Artist, Cover Artist), Kaylee Davis (Colorist), Jim Campbell (Letterer)

Wear Your Love On Your Chest

“Wear your heart on your sleeve.” That’s the saying. But in BONDING, people wear their anxiety on their chests – in the form of a parasite that shows everyone just what you’re feeling on the inside … THE HOST meets Lorde's MOOD RING in this sci-fi story heaping with humor and romance.

A sci-fi horror comedy romance — ya know, the usual! A man, a woman—and their parasites. Marcus has felt alone since the loss of his sister and has just recently entered into the dating scene, while Laura has drifted in and out of relationships since high school. They meet, they have a first date, and Marcus almost dies—because the slug-like, alien parasite attached to his chest rejects him. Bonding is a funny, quirky, and honest look at love in a world where everyone wears their anxiety, not on their sleeves, but on their chest like big ol' leeches. An original graphic novel from Matthew Erman (Witchblood, Good Luck, Long Lost) and Emily Pearson (The Wilds, The Vain).

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