Vault Becomes ‘FOC’ Publisher

On the two-year anniversary of its first book hitting shelves, Vault Comics is excited to announce that they will be included in Diamond's Final Order Cut-Off order system for retailers. Items listed in the February 2019 Previews catalog will be the first offerings listed in the Final Order Cut-Off system.

“Joining the FOC program is a major step for Vault, and an affirmation of all the retailers and fans who have supported us so far," said Damian Wassel, CEO & Publisher of Vault Comics. "We are thrilled to make our books more accessible to comic shops everywhere. This is the first of several initiatives we’ll be announcing this year to support our retail partners, and I can’t wait to share more about that.” Also beginning in the February 2019 Previews catalog, Vault Comics will now have it's own section listing the publisher's monthly offerings. The Final Order Cut-Off date -- normally a Monday, except under special circumstances like holidays -- is the date on which some Vendors commit to a print/production run for a title/product. Initial orders and reorders for items carrying an FOC date may be increased or decreased by this date. FOC dates are subject to change; such changes (and subsequent adjustments to the affected item's ship date) are regularly announced in all Diamond publications. Retailers may adjust orders for all items from participating Vendors on the Final Order Cut-Off section of the Retailer Services Website’s FOC Weekly Adjustor Monthly Adjust pages in the Orders section. Premier Vendor titles are color-coded by publisher (Vault Comics is found in the green section) for easy reference. Customers may also adjust their orders by contacting their Diamond Retailer Services Representative.