Myriad’s BONDING engages readers through art

BONDING is a book about two people who fall in love. It just happens that in this world, humans are made to “bond” with these strange alien-like parasites that hang onto the front of their chests like leeches or weird sea slugs. Your health/emotions/preferences/tastes can be reflected in the way your slug looks. In addition […]

Queen of Bad Dreams gets Paste Exclusive

Dreams are strange. You’re being chased but you can’t run, all you can do is crawl away, scrabbling at the ground for traction. You’re walking with a friend and suddenly you’re flying, arms out, just soaring over trees and cities. You wake with that same feeling of falling you’ve had dozens of times before. What […]

Vault Supports Tom King, Fed Workers

Tom King started something important, helping to bring some joy back into this uneasy time for all the employees who have been affected by the Government Shutdown. We’re hoping others will join him in whatever little ways they can. So if you’re in Annapolis, MD (our publisher’s stomping grounds!) this Saturday the 19th, swing by […]

HEATHEN Returns!

We are delighted to announce that our critically-acclaimed title HEATHEN, created by Natasha Alterici, will be returning with brand new issues in 2019. The international best-seller, which was selected as an American Library Association YALSA 2018 Great Graphic Novel For Teens, has seen more than 15 printings and is available in 36 countries around the […]

Myriad’s Collaboration with Colleen Coover & Paul Tobin

Paste Magazine picks up an exclusive first lookat Wrassle Castle, one of Myriad’s first books in the imprint’s YA line, and shares an interview with the book’s co-creators Paul Tobinand Colleen Coover. (Paul and Colleen previously worked together on Eisner-winner Bandette.) Though Colleen is co-writing the book with Paul, Paste’s article includes a first look […]

Vault Comics Announces First Slate of Titles for Myriad Label

The titles announced are WRASSLE CASTLE, written by Paul Tobin and Colleen Coover; BONDING, written by Matthew Erman and drawn by Emily Pearson, and UNFINISHED CORNER, written by Dani Colman. These three titles will see release throughout 2019 and 2020. A publishing label of Vault Comics, MYRIAD has a distinct focus on middle grade (MG) and […]

Vault Launches MYRIAD for YA/Middle Grade Readers

We at Vault are excited to reveal MYRIAD, a new publishing imprint with a distinct focus on middle grade (MG) and young adult (YA) stories. Myriad will feature an array of new and established creative voices, offering a bevy of titles in unique sizes and formats, spanning original graphic novels, one-shot graphic novellas, prestige-format graphic […]

Vault’s ‘Failsafe’ gets Netflix deal; Michael B. Jordan to star

On the heels of the Heathen announcement comes more good news for Vault Comics fans: ‘Failsafe’ has been picked up by Netflix to be turned into a major motion film. Just coming off of the record-shattering Black Panther, actor Michael B. Jordan and writer Joe Robert Cole will be teaming up again to work on […]

Vault’s ‘Heathen’ optioned for film production picked up the recent announcement that will make Heathen fans rejoice; Vault’s 2017 hit title has been optioned for a major film production by Constantin Film and Prime Universe! Read all about it on

SyFi Wire’s ECCC Interview with Vault Comics

Vault Comics had a strong showing at Emerald City Comic Con this past March, and SyFy Wire engaged Damian and Adrian Wassel for a live-stage interview during the show. Check out SyFy Wire’s interview with Vault Comics