Entertainment Weekly Covers Heathen

Queer Viking Comic ‘Heathen’ Heats Up in Issue 2 The new comic series Heathen is a Viking story that seems to take a page from Mad Max: Fury Road. Instead of focusing on the hyper-masculine Norse myths (think Thor), the Vault Comics book follows … Source: ew.com/books/2017/03/23/queer-viking-comic-heathen-heats-up-in-issue-2/

Crave Online announces STALAG-X from Kevin J. Anderson and Steven L. Sears

First Look At Kevin J. Anderson & Steven L. Sears’ ‘Stalag X’ Kevin J. Anderson and Steven L. Sears team up with Mike Ratera for a new comic that tells the story of an alien prison camp known as Stalag X. Source: www.craveonline.com/entertainment/1221013-first-look-kevin-j-andersons-stalag-x-graphic-novel

Newsarama Profiles Vault Creator Tim Daniel

‘Hard-R, Grindhouse Revenge’ With Shark Story THE ATOLL THE HUNGER GAMES meets JAWS. Source: www.newsarama.com/32585-hard-r-grindhouse-revenge-with-shark-story-the-atoll.html

Comics Alliance Discusses Vault Lineup

Vault Comics Reveals Six Debut Titles For 2017 Vault Comics, an all-new comics publisher, first made themselves known at San Diego Comic-Con in 2016. Now it has announced its 2017 launch line-up. Source: comicsalliance.com/vault-comics-2017-debut-titles/

Onion A/V Club Profiles Vault

Crack open Vault Comics’ six debut titles with these exclusive previews The new science fiction and fantasy comics publisher debuts with six new titles covering a wide variety of styles and tones. Source: www.avclub.com/article/crack-open-vault-comics-six-debut-titles-these-exc-247916

CBR Interviews Vault Founders

New Publisher Vault Comics Lives and Dies by Sci-Fi and Fantasy Vault Comics has already attracted Hollywood interest before releasing a comic — here’s the story of the new publisher. Source: www.cbr.com/new-publisher-vault-comics-talks-debut-we-live-and-die-by-sci-fi-and-fantasy/

Internet Picnic interviews Tim Daniel

STORY AND DESIGN: AN INTERVIEW WITH TIM DANIEL ENORMOUS AUTHOR, COMICS DESIGNER, TALKS FISSURE, THE ATOLL, AND MORE For the past several weeks your friendly neighborhood nerds here at Internet Picnic have been bringing you a series of features … Source: www.internetpicnic.com/comics/story-and-design-an-interview-with-tim-daniel/

Internet Picnic interviews Colossi creators

GOING BIG WITH COLOSSI: AN INTERVIEW WITH RICARDO MO AND ALBERTO MURIEL WRITER AND ARTIST TALK INFLUENCES, SCI-FI, AND VAULT COMICS For the past few weeks we’ve been bringing you a series of interviews and articles about emerging sci-fi and fantasy publisher Vaul… Source: www.internetpicnic.com/comics/going-big-with-colossi-an-interview-with-ricardo-mo-and-alberto-muriel/