Sebela’s TEST Announced

Vault Comics is thrilled to announce TEST, a brand new sci-fi series by Eisner Award nominated writer Chris Sebela (Crowded, Shanghai-Red), artist Jen Hickman (Moth & Whisper, Jem and the Holograms), colorist Harry Saxon (Vagrant Queen), and letterer Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou.    TEST follows Aleph Null, An orphan, a human guinea pig undergoing medical tests for cash, a bodyhacker, a hardcore future junkie, and a corporate asset. But […]

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Vault Pledges Support for Retailer Community Events

Vault is excited to announce its new Bound: Comics and Community initiative. Under this initiative, Vault will provide comic shops with up to $25,000.00 (retail value) worth of product to support a variety of community engagement events throughout 2019. Vault is especially interested in supporting events that promote literacy, create safe spaces for community interaction, […]

First Look at New Vault Title: She Said Destroy

Over millennia, Brigid, Goddess of the Sun, has conquered and converted the entire solar system into worshipping her and her alone, save one space colony. The witches of Fey are the last believers of The Morrigan, Goddess of Death, Brigid’s sister and the only other God left. As Brigid’s forces prepare for one final battle, […]

Vault Becomes ‘FOC’ Publisher

On the two-year anniversary of its first book hitting shelves, Vault Comics is excited to announce that they will be included in Diamond’s Final Order Cut-Off order system for retailers. Items listed in the February 2019 Previews catalog will be the first offerings listed in the Final Order Cut-Off system. “Joining the FOC program is a major step […]

Big Draw: Wrassle Castle’s Tobin & Coover interview with Dynamic Forces

In an Arthurian-age world, the kingdom of Grimslade holds the world’s number one school for professional wrasslin’: WRASSLE CASTLE. Lydia Riverthane has always dreamed of being a professional wrassler and has trained in secret for years, hoping to join the school and to take the castle by storm. Things go south when her brother, John Gator-Chomp, […]

Myriad’s BONDING engages readers through art

BONDING is a book about two people who fall in love. It just happens that in this world, humans are made to “bond” with these strange alien-like parasites that hang onto the front of their chests like leeches or weird sea slugs. Your health/emotions/preferences/tastes can be reflected in the way your slug looks. In addition […]

Queen of Bad Dreams gets Paste Exclusive

Dreams are strange. You’re being chased but you can’t run, all you can do is crawl away, scrabbling at the ground for traction. You’re walking with a friend and suddenly you’re flying, arms out, just soaring over trees and cities. You wake with that same feeling of falling you’ve had dozens of times before. What […]

Vault Supports Tom King, Fed Workers

Tom King started something important, helping to bring some joy back into this uneasy time for all the employees who have been affected by the Government Shutdown. We’re hoping others will join him in whatever little ways they can. So if you’re in Annapolis, MD (our publisher’s stomping grounds!) this Saturday the 19th, swing by […]

HEATHEN Returns!

We are delighted to announce that our critically-acclaimed title HEATHEN, created by Natasha Alterici, will be returning with brand new issues in 2019. The international best-seller, which was selected as an American Library Association YALSA 2018 Great Graphic Novel For Teens, has seen more than 15 printings and is available in 36 countries around the […]