Nathan C. Gooden

An award-winning illustrator and sequential artist, Nathan C. Gooden is Art Director at Vault Comics. Nathan studied animation at the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, and worked in film production, before co-founding Vault Comics. Nathan's previous work includes The Gifted and Deadeye (from CME), and Killbox (from American Gothic Press). He lives in the greater San Diego area, where he plays… [more...]

David M. Booher

When the great folks at Vault asked me to write a bio, I wondered—what do I say when my very first officially published words have appeared in Powerless? I suppose I could mention a few things that led me here—placing in some pretty cool screenplay contests and festivals, and writing a couple of fun films that have yet to see… [more...]

Deron Bennett

Eisner and Harvey Award-nominated letterer, Deron Bennett, has been providing lettering services for various comic book companies for over a decade. His body of work includes the critically acclaimed Jim Henson's Tale of Sand, Jim Henson's The Dark Crystal, Mr. Murder is Dead, The Muppet Show Comic Book, Darkwing Duck, and Hacktivist. He has also ventured into writing with his creator-owned book, Quixote. You can learn more about Deron by… [more...]

Mike Spicer

Mike Spicer is a south Florida based artist, and has been coloring comics since 2007. Husband to an amazing wife, father to a beautiful son, daddy to an stubborn dog. He likes pizza, burgers, beer, wine... AND COLORING FRIGGIN' COMICS!! Seriously, it's the best! Mike has worked with many publishers, including DC, Vertigo, Valiant, Image, IDW, and BOOM!, on titles… [more...]

Ricardo Mo

Ricardo lives with his wife, child and troublesome pup in Bournemouth in the UK/former UK/post-Brexit wasteland (delete as applicable). While a beautiful family and Netflix subscription might be enough for some other men, Ricardo wanted more. Armed with passable scripting skills, his child’s college fund, and tremendous taste in collaborators, he set out to knock loudly on the door of… [more...]