Vagrant Queen to Become SYFY TV Series

Vault Comics and Blue Ice Pictures are proud to announce that SYFY has picked up the live-action series Vagrant Queen, based on Vault’s comic book series of the same name. Written by Eisner and GLAAD Media Award-nominated author Magdalene Visaggio (Kim & Kim, Eternity Girl, Transformers vs. Visionaries), and illustrated by Jason Smith. Vagrant Queen […]

Vault collaborates with Gary Dauberman

Vault Comics is thrilled to announce THE MALL, a new comic book series co-written by Hollywood screenwriter Gary Dauberman & author Michael Moreci, with art by Zak Hartong, colors by Addison Duke, and letters by Jim Campbell. MALL is set in a post-apocalyptic landscape where people are tribalized by the things they own and the […]

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Big Draw: Wrassle Castle’s Tobin & Coover interview with Dynamic Forces

In an Arthurian-age world, the kingdom of Grimslade holds the world’s number one school for professional wrasslin’: WRASSLE CASTLE. Lydia Riverthane has always dreamed of being a professional wrassler and has trained in secret for years, hoping to join the school and to take the castle by storm. Things go south when her brother, John Gator-Chomp, […]

Vault Launches MYRIAD for YA/Middle Grade Readers

We at Vault are excited to reveal MYRIAD, a new publishing imprint with a distinct focus on middle grade (MG) and young adult (YA) stories. Myriad will feature an array of new and established creative voices, offering a bevy of titles in unique sizes and formats, spanning original graphic novels, one-shot graphic novellas, prestige-format graphic […]

Vault’s ‘Heathen’ optioned for film production picked up the recent announcement that will make Heathen fans rejoice; Vault’s 2017 hit title has been optioned for a major film production by Constantin Film and Prime Universe! Read all about it on

SyFi Wire’s ECCC Interview with Vault Comics

Vault Comics had a strong showing at Emerald City Comic Con this past March, and SyFy Wire engaged Damian and Adrian Wassel for a live-stage interview during the show. Check out SyFy Wire’s interview with Vault Comics

Vault gives away free first issues

Bleeding Cool picked up the story when a recent distributor delay left stores without certain issues for new comic book day, so Vault took the initiative to offer fans a little something in the meantime. (Check out our Free Firsts here.) –>  Read Bleeding Cool’s article

Open Source: Interview with Michael Moreci

  Vault’s Open Source takes you behind the scenes of what goes into building a comic as told by the people who are producing the titles you love. Michael Moreci’s name has been on everyone’s lips recently due to his well-deserved acclaim on the recently released Black Star Renegades novel. Vault snagged some time with […]

Open Source: Interview with Hayden Sherman

Vault’s Open Source takes you behind the scenes of what goes into building a comic as told by the people who are producing the titles you love. Hayden Sherman is the artist on Vault’s upcoming title WASTED SPACE, a series that combines Preacher, Philip K. Dick, and and Star Wars in a blender with a […]