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Want to get creative and share your own drawings for Myriad's upcoming graphic novel, BONDING?

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BONDING is an upcoming graphic novel series from Matthew Erman & Emily Pearson, published through Myriad, the YA imprint of Vault Comics. A man, a woman - and their parasites. BONDING offers a funny, quirky, and honest look at love in a world where everyone wears their anxiety, not on their sleeves, but right on their chests like Superman’s S. Well, actually, more like a big ol’ cuddly...parasite! Ew, right? Right, imagine a world where everything you keep bundled up on the inside is now on the outside.

BONDING explores the nature of self-expression, love, and mental health.

How can you get involved?

What would your parasite look like?

Download Template Layouts

Selecting the right parasite is a personal choice, and children try to bond with one that matches their style, be it cute, funny, shy, or otherwise. These “slugs” can be different colors and are often given names and little clothes.

We're offering you the chance to design your very own slug and submit your artwork to us at Myriad! Draw it. Color it. Bond with it. Show us what you've got.

Using our template as a guide, create your own parasite and submit it to our team! Want to show it off online? Use the hashtag #bondingcomic.

Ready to Share?

Submissions will be accepted from January 25, 2019 - September 13, 2019. All submissions will be shared in an online gallery. (We reserve the right to reject submissions at our sole discretion.) In addition, BONDING’s artist, Emily Pearson, will also be selecting submissions to be incorporated into the artwork of the book, so you could see your own parasite drawn into the story.


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