Aditya Bidikar

Aditya Bidikar


My name is Aditya Bidikar, and you will most likely know me as a letterer for comics from Vault, DC Comics, Image, Dark Horse, Oni, and other comics publishers. I grew up in Pune, India, and spent some years in Kolkata and Bengaluru before returning to Pune, where I now reside. In previous lives, I have been a content writer, a technical translator, a book reviewer, a comics editor, and occasional fiction writer before I backed into my current profession of lettering. I mainly work in digital comics lettering, and I like to integrate hand-drawn sound effects and text design into my work. I have also hand-lettered two graphic novels so far, and am currently working on a third. I have also designed some of my own comics lettering fonts, and I’m currently working on a way to make those and others available for purchase. But this is some way into the future, so let’s not hold our breath. After spending years away from writing as a profession, I have recently returned to it, and have been publishing short comics and prose stories in the last year, and I’m currently scripting a long-form comic book that I hope to publish in the near future.


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