Big Draw: Wrassle Castle’s Tobin & Coover interview with Dynamic Forces

In an Arthurian-age world, the kingdom of Grimslade holds the world's number one school for professional wrasslin': WRASSLE CASTLE. Lydia Riverthane has always dreamed of being a professional wrassler and has trained in secret for years, hoping to join the school and to take the castle by storm. Things go south when her brother, John Gator-Chomp, is imprisoned for a shocking crime, and the only way to save his life and clear his name is for Lydia to win a wrassling tournament.

This world is vibrantly brought to life by Paul Tobin and Colleen Coover, who previously collaborated on Banana Sunday and the Eisner-winning Bandette.

They recently sat down (okay, virtually sat down) with Byron Brewer of Dynamic Forces to chat about this story, Vault's new Myriad imprint, and writing for young adult audiences.