Vault publishes original, creator-owned science fiction and fantasy comics. Creating science fiction and fantasy is, essentially, about imagining and experiencing the new, the bizarre, the unimagined. In the realm of science fiction and fantasy, creators can break the established order, dissolve conceptions of social identity, and give voices to the silenced. They can ask hard questions, and if they are brave, venture bold answers. Inside the Vault, it's safe to be different.
Vault was founded in 2016 by Adrian Wassel (Editor-in-Chief), Damian Wassel (Publisher), Nathan Gooden (Art Director), and Damian Wassel, Sr. (Principal).
Vault books are distributed in North America by Diamond Comic Distributors. For retailer inquiries, please email: retailhelp@vaultcomics.com For customer inquiries, please email: contact@vaultcomics.com.